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Bellville Primary School

Welcome To Bellville Primary School

A school is not judged only on its examination results. Its reputation also depends on its character, atmosphere and ethos. Let us take our work seriously, give our full co-operation, behave in an exemplary fashion and keep our organisation running smoothly. Only then can we achieve true development and education.

Let us be dedicated to our work, because the greatest joy and happiness comes from being rewarded for all our dedicated efforts. Let us remember: what you sow, so shall you reap. Those who give only a little, will receive a meager harvest. Let our main aim be to give of ourselves to our school and our learners. What we receive, should be less important.

Every person should, in deciding on his/her mission in life, ask the question What do I want? If, after serious thought and contemplation, he/she has not found an honest answer to this question and is therefore unable to visualise a philosophy concerning his/her calling, such a person does not belong in teaching!

To make winners of our children.

To develop each learner’s mental and physical abilities to his/her full potential through effective teaching, to enable the learner to fill his/her place in society as a responsible, productive citizen.


Academic is very important at Bellville Primary School.


We offer various types of sport at Bellville Primary School.


We offer various culture activities ast Bellville Primary school.